Planning Team: Values, Mission, Vision, Business Plan, alignment between committees, recommendations to Board of Directors.

Environmental Scan: Compiling and analyzing data, community resources, gaps in service, opportunities and risks in clinic development, and recommendations for clinic structure.

Legal: State/federal non-profit applications, board development, FTCA application in conjunction with Operations Committee, and additional insurance needs.

Operations: Development of clinic scope of services, infrastructure, resource needs (supplies, staffing, financial), EMR/ data decisions, referral process, form development, volunteer practices, and procedures. Often the largest, most complex and most long-standing committee.

Site: Exploration/comparison/recommendations regarding potential clinic sites, development of site (design, revisions, IT needs, etc.).

Communications: Internal (clinic development members) and external communications about clinic progress. Development of media kit, website, Facebook presence, logo, roster for speaking engagements, etc.

Finance: Budget PLUS funding plan development for Business Plan and for operational purposes, acquisition of accounting software, development of finance guidelines/policies/procedures, exploration of potential and viable funding sources, etc.